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Keine Chilipaste 2014

This in an open sauce recipe (I know, the pun, it hurts).

The yellow batches were part of an experiment that resulted in kein chili extract. However, the final product was no longer good for use, so we only used the red batch in this recipe.

The chilis were minced, salted and lacto-fermented in Riesling wine for roughly eight months. The batch was still producing gas, so fermentation hadn’t ended when we started preparation of the paste. However, the smell was fantastic. A slight tangy sour note with tons of fruit flavors thrown in before the chili note hits your nose :)

The following recipe is calculated by relative weight

1.000 Sugar
0.500 Fermented Habanero, drained
0.250 Garlic, minced and ground in a mortar
0.150 Salt
0.100 Lemon juice
0.075 Ginger root, minced and ground in a mortar
0.050 Thai basil, finely chopped
0.017 Lemon zest
0.006 Black pepper, finely ground

Mix everything well in a bowl using a spoon.
If you want, use a blender on the final mix for a smoother pastier texture.

The resulting paste is more like a very thick sauce and quite spicy :)


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